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Writing Services


Providing clear and concise copy for news articles, annual reports, blogs, newsletters, websites, and advertisements. 

Media Relations


Developing and pitching news and feature pieces to local press for more than 20 years. Clients have appeared in major media outlets, including TV, radio, and print.

Book Promotion


Offering media relations and social media strategy for authors looking to increase visibility for their fiction and non-fiction books. 

Writing Services

Website Content


Nonprofit organizations like Angels Foster Family Network know the best way to provide meaningful information is through compelling stories about fostering.

Annual Reports


Annual Reports don't have to be dry recitations of facts. They can tell stories that inspire continued support for organizations and causes.



Educational Enrichment Systems engages supporters by sharing the stories of the families they serve and the staff who provide high-quality child care.

Magazine Articles


Articles have appeared in San Diego Magazine, San Diego Home/Garden, CityBeat, Mothering, SD Metro, and more.

Newspaper Articles


News articles and essays featured in The Washington Post, Miami Herald, Newsday, San Diego Union-Tribune, and more.

Campus Publications


Features written for student and alumni publications of UCSD, SDSU, USD, and Cal Western School of Law.

Media Relations

Angels Foster Family Network


 "Jen has helped us earn prominent media placement in many local publications, highlighting Angels and our families who foster young children.  These articles have led to the production of a short documentary film on a family, as well as an upcoming article in Woman’s Day Magazine."  

- Jeff Wiemann, Executive Director, Angels Foster Family Network

Alliance Healthcare Foundation


"We hired Jennifer to work on media campaigns and internal communications projects and were very impressed by her professionalism and results. Jen's savvy with both print and television is remarkable  and we'd jump at the chance to work with her again next time we're looking for media traction on a story."

- Nancy Sasaki, Executive Director, Alliance Healthcare Foundation

Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest


"Jen worked on more than 500 news stories behind the scenes, served as editor of four agency publications, and produced several training videos. She is a true professional who gets the job done well, and manages to keep projects enjoyable."

- Cita Walsh, Vice President of Marketing, Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest

Platt College


“Jennifer has helped Platt College earn TV, radio, newspaper and magazine coverage for more than 20 years. Her results and customer service are unprecedented. She works with our staff as a well-oiled machine and has boundless creativity, enthusiasm and heart.”

- Robert Leiker, Chairman, Platt College

Educational Enrichment Systems


"We've worked with Jen for more than 20 years and have always been very happy  with the media coverage we’ve been able to gain, and the crisp, clear copy she provides for internal documents and newsletters. She’s easy to deal with and exceeds our expectations every time."

- Robin Layton, Executive Director, Educational Enrichment Systems

Adventures by the Book


"With Jen’s amazing knack for creating newsworthy angles and stories, her dedication to the craft, her tenacity, and her media connectivity, she was able to get positive news coverage for me in multiple outlets, including a full-page spread (with photo!) in San Diego Magazine, and a feature in the San Diego Union Tribune."


- Susan McBeth, CEO, Adventures by the Book®

Book Promotion

Janice Steinberg


"As a reclusive writer, I approach social media promotion with terror and loathing. Jennifer Coburn is a miracle worker in that she actually makes social media fun. Among the terrific ideas she’s come up with for me, she suggested a BookBub promotion that a) my publisher ended up paying for and b) got my book to #12 in World Literature on Amazon." 

Eilene Zimmerman


"Not only did I get extensive media coverage in San Diego including morning TV shows, KPBS, the Union-Tribune, San Diego Magazine, and several community papers, I felt prepared and taken care of by Jen. Thank you for a very successful San Diego tour!"

Brian Peyton Joyner


"Jen helped me understand Facebook, marketing, and brand development. Through targeted ads, we discovered the best audience for my novel. She taught me the value of a strong image and helped me hone, develop and grow my brand. As writers, we want our work to be all things to all people, but Jen taught me the value of focus."

Patricia Benke


"Jen defined and targeted my market. With amazing energy and skill uniquely hers, she carved out a very successful campaign."

Jill G. Hall


"My sales have soared sky high due to Jennifer Coburn! She has procured newspaper interviews, article placements and did a bang-up BookBub campaign for my books. With her Facebook expertise she taught me how to do enticing posts and giveaways. Her clever wit, creative mind and positive energy make her a pleasure to work with."

Sally J. Pla


"Jennifer is terrifyingly good at what she does! She had me on television and radio, and had placed many national and regional articles. She moves the needle!"

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